Case Studies

Notable Cases:


R V OSL: Large scale terrorism plot- known as the “Christmas bombers”.

R V MJA: Large scale terrorism operation by CTU- submissions made after 9 days of interviews resulting in No Further Action


R v W, M and Others (2010): (Operation Atlanta) Cardiff Crown Court Large scale conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. Represented the principal organisers

R V S and Others (2012): (Operation Gull) Large scale conspiracy to Supply Class B Drugs – large scale investigation involving several police forces.

R V T and others (2011): Large scale conspiracy to supply Class A drugs

R v D and others (2012): Large scale conspiracy to supply Class A and B Drugs. Represented one of the principal organisers.

R v I: Large scale conspiracy to import class ‘A’ drugs case described by police as the UK’s largest ever drugs conspiracy. Status is ongoing.

R V A: Defendant charged with conspiracy to import 4.5 tons of cocaine. Case so large that the trial was split into 4 separate trials.

Sexual Offences

R v S and others (2009): Serious sexual abuse case involving multiple family members

R V F (2012): Manchester Crown Court- allegation of serious historical Serious assaults- jury failed to reach a verdict.

R V P-L- (2012): Charged with serious sexual assault on a child. Acquitted after trial.

R V F (2013) Client acquitted of historical rape allegations in re-trial.

R V A (2021): Client charged with 5 counts of serious sexual offences including rape. Client acquitted of all charges.


R V M (2008): Operation Euripus- £250 Million pound carousel MTIC Fraud.

R V J (2012): Large scale internet lottery/dating fraud.

R V C (2012): Large scale MTIC Fraud, carousel fraud and mortgage fraud involving £8.5Million Pounds.

R V A (2021): High investment fraud prosecuted after obtaining millions of pounds through forestry scheme in Brazil. Headed to trial in 2021.

R V O (2021): Defendant involved in a £1 million + courier fraud. Over £1 million pound obtained.

R V N: Defendant was arrested along with 14 others in an investigation named “Operation Red Wezen” which is investigating a large-scale banking and platform funding fraud. Status is ongoing. 

R V A: Defendant charged with involvement in £200 million money laundering operation. Trial set to take place in 2022.


R V A (2021): Defendant charged with the murder of a 17 year old during a ‘turf war’. Status is ongoing.

R V A: Defendant charged with conspiracy to commit murder involved in major disturbance, involving two major rival drug gangs attacking each other with lethal weapons. Trial set for 2022.

Appelate Work

R V H (2013): Successful Appeal against sentence. Successfully reduced sentence from 4 years to 3 years.

R V G (2011): Case referred to CCRC, successfully overturned conviction upon Appeal.

R V K (2012): Successfully appealed against sentence of 7 years where judge totally missed concept of totality and passed numerous consecutive sentences. Total sentence reduced from 7 years to 5 years.

R V T (2012): Sentence of 4.5 years imprisonment for supplying Class A drugs successfully reduced to 3.5 years, as the sentencing Judge failed to properly apply the new guidelines for drugs cases and the role and category.